Online Hyaluron pen training

Online Hyaluron pen training

Training Course content:
 HyaluronPen overview & work principle
* Product structure and types may be used
* Face & Skin anatomy
* Aging processes
* Client consultation
* Consultation documentation
* Health and safety
* Crosslinking 
* Application techniques
* Rejuvenation 
* Contraindications
* Aftercare

What Is Hyaluron pen?
Hyaluron Pen is based on German technology and is suitable to achieve instant results needless, no pain, no bruises, and no blood.
Hyaluron Pen stands for Hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance and major component of skin, and it is involved in tissue repair. Hyaluronic acid has the ability to bind to and retain water molecules, that keeps the skin hydrated. Also, it is used for dermal filling, and lip tissue augmentation.

Everything without the needle.
This is the first time when you have the alternative of using usual methods.
No medical experience or any other experience required!

The secret of the Hyaluron Pen is its simplicity of performing; in this case anyone will be able to deliver the treatment after the training course. Volume build and fat dissolving is achievable in as little as in 15 - 45 minutes with super natural results. 


* Build volume of the Lip without the needles
* Wrinkles reduction of the Nasolabial folds
* Fine lines reduction without needles
* Short performance and time saving 
What will I learn?
-Lip enhancement

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