Express lashes

Express lashes

This is fully online and cpd accredited

Express lashes 

This is a Lash treatment which is ideal for those who want a high speed lash transformation service; with the length and volume boost of lash extensions but without the costly maintenance commitment and long appointment time for application. Working with only one pair of tweezers, it is also a much easier technique to master for those new to lashes or who struggle with dual tweezer use.

What are Express Lashes?

You can deliver a stunning set of lash extensions in just 20-30 minutes.

Uses same products as semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Applied in a quick, skillful manner sitting the individual lashes one by one directly onto the natural lashes, without the need to isolate individual hairs.
Helps to diminish to appearance of gaps in natural lash hair growth, extend length and boost lash volume.
Can last for up to 14 days if clients follow good homecare practices to care for the lashes.
Great for weddings, holidays, weekends away, work events, festivals, parties etc. where your client wants to look her best but can’t afford or doesn’t want long term lash extensions.
This course is fabulous for:

Those therapists who want to try out offering lash extension services before committing to more advanced training. No prior lash experience required.
Those who struggle with the lash isolation skills which may previously held them back from being able to offer lucrative lash treatments. 
Those wanting to extend their lash skills to add a quick lash service 

Those wanting to offer more affordable lash services to clients, due to the reduced application time. A great additional service for existing lash techs.

This is a cpd accredited course and suitable for beginners 
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