Peel off clay mask

Peel off clay mask

These include a Bag of ‘Base’ powder plus 12 sachets of Mixers, 4 each of Charcoal, Pink Clay and Green Clay. These are fragrance free but if you are qualified to use essential oils then you can tailor your masks further by adding 3 drops of oil to the mixture. Recommended combinations:

Charcoal mixer plus Tea Tree/Lemon for congested skin

Pink Clay plus Frankincense for anti-aging

Green Clay plus sweet orange for detox.

Its not necessary to add essential oils- its just a nice touch. 

These masks are great if you like Clay- but hate the usual mess that comes with mixing clay masks. The magic Base turns the mask into ‘peel off’ formulation. They will come with full instructions. They are very similar to Casmara.